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Dedicated & Experienced

May 2021 - Current

Director/ Consultant

❖   Rail Safety Training.

❖   Rail Infrastructure Training.

❖   Engineering Surveying Lecturer  (Part time )

❖   Subject Matter Expert (Training Development Strategies)

❖   Rail Safety Planning software development.

❖   Rail Possession Planning.

❖    Rail Possession Management.

❖   Identifying and developing project scope.

❖  Developing Works Breakdown Structure for projects.

❖  Developing Project Budgets and cashflow.

❖  Developing Project business cases.

❖  Developing post-project Quality Assurance Frameworks and Governance.

June 2020 - May 2021

Rail Safety Advisor- Corporate Safety

❖    Conducting independent Safeworking audits and inspections across the organisation.
❖    Developing and managing change of the Network rules and procedures.
❖    Arranging and facilitating forums to discuss Rail Safety, developing strategies, initiatives and remedial actions to resolve contingencies and encourage Safeworking practices.
❖    Attending Rail Safety development groups and participating in divisional meetings.
❖    Developing Rail Safety directives and other communications specific to the management of the Network Rules and procedures.
❖    Delivering briefings, workshops and information sessions on rule updates and amendments.
❖    Lead investigator, performing cross-divisional Rail Safety investigations.

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